🔮 Will Nightlife & Travel Recover?

Plus: How to be a better friend

To look forward, let’s first look back…

👯‍♀️ The Roaring Twenties followed the 1918 pandemic.

And the nightlife was epic! New music (Jazz), venues (Speakeasies), booze (Cocktails), dance-styles and fashions emerged, capturing the spirit of a new, prosperous decade.

✈️ The 1950s, following WWII, was the golden age of air travel.

Airlines brought new levels of speed, comfort, and efficiency in the fifties, and for the first time people could fly almost anywhere. International travel became accessible and exciting, flying: glamorous.

Berlin's legendary clubbing scene began after the fall of the wall.

🥡 Takeaways? Terrible global events are often followed by very good times. Nightlife and travel always return, renewed, often better, and more exciting than before.

They recover because:
a) They’re timeless. People have been exploring the world, and socialising at night, for as long as we’ve been human.
b) They’re some of the things we most want to do when we’re healthy, happy, and free.

🦠 It will be the same after covid. Can you imagine our collective elation at being able to get on a plane, or enjoy a night out, after all this!? It could well begin a new golden age for nightlife and travel.

What will remain true: to get the most of both, you need to know some fun, interesting, open and like-minded people, who you can easily connect with, and meet (for a night out, or in a new place).

That’s what Super Locals aims to be. I’ve made some big updates to the community platform lately. Want to check it out, and join as a Founding Member?

Onto this week’s news - and maybe some glimmers of that golden age!


When people in the UK were asked what they were most looking forward to post-lockdown, only seeing family ranked higher than a night out. They should have migrated Down Under…

  • Nightlife in Australia is back! The Aussies handled the pandemic better than almost anyone. As a result, life is almost normal again (apart from international travel). Nightlife’s back, but looking a little different now (often outdoors):

    • Happy Mondays - a celebration of what Melbourne does best: live music. Only outdoors.

    • Audamus - a sunset excursion in sound and taste in Sydney. Hosted on a helicopter landing pad, of a big old boat called the HMAS Vampire.

  • Vaccine Passports? Teams around the world are working on digital Covid vaccination passports, so we can more easily travel, and go to crowded spaces again (like bars and clubs!? 🤞).

  • Airbnb stock was up big time this week. 8.6% one day. Looks like investors believe travel will bounce back. Airbnb is also offering to help the Biden administration in accelerating the rollout of vaccinations.

New Things
  • How to be a better friend? Call Your Friends helps you build closer connections with friends, using simple text reminders to… call your friends. ☎️

Last word from me:

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‘Til next week, ta-ta!