🤔 Why am I creating something like this again?

Plus: Tips for Nights In Alone these Holidays 🎅

Hey everyone,

Happy holidays!

I realise you’re probably checking out for 2020. But I briefly wanted to share more about why I’m starting this Newsletter and the Super Locals Community.

Plus: some tips for if you are home alone this holidays.

Super Locals: Why now?

We’re at a time when our need for human connection greatly outweighs the spaces where we can meet. Nightlife, travel and meeting people have been particularly decimated by covid.

Super Locals is designed to be place to get inspired - by travel, nightlife and discovering new things (Newsletter).

And to connect with fun and interesting people who are into those same things - online now, in person when we can (Community).

Why Me?

My desire to create this came from years of building similar travel + nightlife communities and products - with my startup Party with a Local and while leading Nightlife at Airbnb.

I put my heart and soul into these, but for various reasons (largely outside my control), both came to unexpected early ends.

I still have a burning desire to create something successful in this space …3rd time lucky?

The time seems right to try again anyway.

Over the coming weeks, I’ll share more about Super Locals & what I plan on doing differently this time around.

🎅 Home Alone?

The sad reality is that many of us will spend the holidays alone this year.

Instead of spending your nights alone, why not have some fun with people online?

I made a list of the best Night In Experiences - online get-togethers that are all about connection with great people around the world, making (and drinking) drinks, live music and fun!

I personally recruited some of these hosts when I was working at Airbnb. All their Online Experiences are a lot of fun!

Til next time, enjoy your break! 🍻