🧐 Where To Go, What To Do & Who To Meet?

Plus: 2021's Best Destinations & 2020 The Game

Getting on a plane. Going to a bar. Meeting people. If you’re reading this, I suspect they’re pretty high on your 2021 wishlist!

But it’s a whole new world. Where can you go? What could you do? Who with?

I’ve previously shared: Why (I’m creating Super Locals) and: How (I’m doing it differently).

This week: What (you’ll get if you join the Super Locals Community).

You’ll Discover:

  1. Where To Go: get inspired about where to travel, and insider tips from locals (& people who’ve been) 🌎

  2. What To Do: find fun things to do during lockdown & join our online (drinks) meetups. Then rediscover nightlife when it reopens 🌃

  3. Who To Meet: get connected to a (curated) group of fun & interesting people around the world. People you can actually meet & enjoy a drink with! 🍻

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🌃 (Night) Life in Lockdown

How are Super Locals adapting their (night) lives during lockdown?

👋 Meet Aisha in London 🇬🇧

Aisha Shaibu: Londoner, entrepreneur and LGBTQ activist who champions diversity and equality. She’s a Research Scientist by day and an Airbnb Nightlife Experience Host by night (Super Local… or Super Hero!? 🦸🏾‍♀️😄).

🌃 What did you do at night (for fun) pre-covid? 

My life pre-covid on a Friday and Saturday consisted of going to a variety of events, bars and clubs. My favourite area to go out was Shoreditch, and I tend to enjoy underground events like Vogue Balls and Cabaret nights.

🤪 Fun Fact
I met Aisha when I was leading Nightlife at Airbnb. She was hosting some of the top Nightlife Experiences in the world. I've been on her Discover London Secret Bars Experience twice (once together with London's 'Night Czar'). She took us to the coolest hidden bar I’ve ever been to… anywhere (and I’ve been to a lot of bars around the world!)

🔒 What are you doing at night during lockdown?

We’re in another lockdown in London, and weekends are very different. The lines between weekdays and weekends have merged. I keep my busy with my Online LGBTQ Experience, which shares insight into queer history, culture and nightlife, with live performances from Drag Kings and Queens. It helps connect and bring people together in these strange times.

Find out more about Aisha’s Experiences: www.moonlightexperiences.com

🔮 What are you most looking forward to after covid?

I’m really missing the energy and interaction amongst friends and new people. We are social creatures, and it feels more important than ever to keep that. Online spaces are helping keep that connection for now, but I can't wait to dance and hug people. To feel free like before!

 ⭐️ Aisha’s a Founding Member of the Super Locals Community. You could meet her, and others like her, if you join as a Founding Member!

  • Where to go in 2021? Condé Nast released their ‘Best Holiday Destinations for 2021’. The top 3 are… surprising! But it’s a whole new world after all, so sound like interesting places to check out this year (hopefully we can 🤞).

  • Airbnb Blocks & Cancels D.C. Following the events of January 6th, Airbnb has decided to cancel and block all reservations in Washington, D.C. during Inauguration Week.

New Things
  • 🎮 2020… the Game. Play through all the major events of last year: from the Australian Bushfires, to Covid-19 & the US Elections. …being a game about 2020, I’m not sure it’s one you can win!? 😅 Fun idea though!

Lastly: I’ve extended the 20% discount on my How To Take A Month Off Drinking (eBook) til the end of January.

I’ve gotten some really nice feedback that it’s helping people get through a dry month, and only 5-star reviews so far! 🙏

‘Til next week.