🤘 Party with a Local & Airbnb vs. Super Locals

How it's different this time

Connecting people for nightlife and travel.

I tried it the startup way - raised funding for a free app. Grew to 250k users. But we needed millions.

I tried at a big company - going for a huge global launch. That was cut short by covid.

Both times I was aiming for the moon. Both times I didn’t make it. Both times I felt I didn’t have much control over the outcomes.

I now believe there’s a 3rd way. A way I may have more control of: a smaller and more curated community. Building it more slowly, together with the community. More content driven. Sharing what I’m building in public. Generating revenue early on.

So while the mission, the who and the what stays the same, the how of Super Locals will be different this time around.

Taking this approach, I’m currently refining the community platform together with a small number of members. It’s coming together, and will open up to more of you soon.

Now on to this week’s newsletter…


How To Take A Month Off Drinking: my eBook is releasing this week - still in time for you to do Dry January!? Pre-order it in the next 48 hours and get 20% off.

Get Practical & Actionable Tips On:

  • Why Take a Break from Drinking?

  • How to Take a Break 

  • Make it a Habit - Track It

  • How to be Social + Sober

  • Drink Different - Alcohol Alternatives

  • The 'Sober Curious' Movement

  • My Backstory

  • Inspiration + Resources

Who's it for?

This eBook is ideal for anyone who’s tried to take a month off drinking before, but never quite made it (that was me for years too)

It’s a short book, but I believe the value you’ll get is worth more than the price of a couple of drinks (that you won't be buying after reading it anyway 😉)!

I want this!


New Things
  • 👩🏻‍💻 Fake a bad connection on Zoom to avoid pointless meetings. Sick of Zoom? Boss asking difficult questions? Looking for an escape? Bufferi.ng stutters your cam and distorts the sound to fake a bad connection! 🤣

  • 🎧 Listen to books. Like to read more but don’t have the time? I just discovered on Spotify you can listen to full audiobooks:

That’s it for this week!

PS - If you’re interested, remember to check out my eBook about How To Take A Month Off Drinking. 🍺