🎊 NYE Tips, Nightlife Wins & How Powerful is your Passport?

Plus: How Bad Is Your Spotify?

It's been rough, but 2020 is almost over. 🙏

We’re not out of the woods, but there’s lots to be optimistic about for next year:

Safely taking a flight, or grabbing a drink in a bar, may even be possible! 🤞

  • How powerful is your passport? Check your passport’s global ‘power rank (hopefully we’ll be able to use them more in 2021!)

  • Lonely Planet got acquired. Again.

  • Airbnb IPO’d 2 weeks ago. It’s now already more valuable than Booking. 😲

  • New York’s reimagined NYE. America’s largest New Year’s Eve party usually attracts 100k. This year, it’s 100% virtual. Read how they’re doing it.

  • 2020’s Nightlife ‘Wins’? It's been a terrible year for nightlife. Yet some good things came out of it? Check some of the year’s nightlife wins.

Tiny Tips for (a Virtual) NYE:

  • Want to watch that virtual New York NYE? Here’s the livestream.

  • Edinburgh’s famous Hogmanay is also going virtual.

  • Feel like leaving the planet altogether? RAVE TO THE MOON 🚀

☝️ This could actually be the smart & safest way to celebrate NYE this year…

New Stuff
  • Let a sassy A.I. judge your taste in music! Everyone was showing off their Spotify year in music a couple of weeks back. Now you can let an A.I. be the judge. A very funny and well executed idea! 😅

That’s it. ‘Til next year, take care! 👋