🤘 Introducing Super Locals

A newsletter for people who love travel, nightlife & discovering new things

Travel and nightlife. Remember them?

We can’t do much of either right now, but why not get inspired for when we can?

Read more about why I’m starting this newsletter, and the Super Locals Community, below.

  • Where could you go? You probably shouldn’t travel internationally right now. But it’s nice to dream, right? This map shows global entry restrictions (lots of countries still have no restrictions amazingly!) 🦠

  • From where you are? On a related note, this tool allows you to check permitted travel routes from -> to every country in the world, plus real-time entry requirements. ✈️

  • Curious about ‘coliving’? With friends in beautiful remote locations? "Once upon a time, cities were vibrant places to learn, work, play, and meet Tinder dates. Then came COVID." A low risk way to see if coliving is right for you, by my friend Gillian. 🏝


🌃 (Night) Life in Lockdown

This is the first in a series of interviews with locals around the world, to hear how they are coping and adapting their (night) lives during covid.

🇬🇧 Glenn in London

“I’m Glenn, a veteran tour guide/host and I’ve been leading group Experiences in and around London for the past 8 years. I’m also a folk singer. Now and again I get to combine the two things!

🍻 What did you do for fun at night before covid? 

Being British, Friday and Saturday nights are usually spent in the local pub. Although drinking is on the agenda, it’s actually secondary to the real reason we famously spend a lot of our time in public houses.

They are community spaces for us to engage with each other in ways that big cities don’t often allow. Catching up with your neighbours, friends, and family in person (old school style).

Of course having a few beers helps the process, but without these vessels of communication I believe that the community vibe in London neighbourhoods would diminish. Long live the pub!

Glenn’s Tip: Check out The Marquis in Covent Garden next time you visit London, and ask for Tom. He’s a good friend of mine that also happens to run the best pub in central London.

🔒 What are you doing at night during lockdown?

Like most people, I’m using Zoom to catch up with friends. In some ways I’ve enjoyed the quiet sanctum of my flat, although I’m not the best relaxer. I’m also hosting a cultural beer drinking experience on Airbnb which has been an absolute riot. It’s called Beer Drinking With The Brits.

🌃 What's the best night out (or in) you've had in 2020?

London has become accustomed to operating within the restrictions. As soon as we were allowed to mix with other households, my partner and I teamed with up with some friends to explore London’s streets, usually jam packed with tourists.

I remember a night towards the end of Summer, just before the weather turned. With a bag of British beers in hand, we walked through the town visiting monuments and paying our respects to the architecture whilst getting just a little bit tipsy:

🔮 What are you most looking forward to after covid?

I can’t lie here, it has to be ordering a pint from the bar. Table service isn’t really a London pub thing usually. But during restrictions, when pubs are allowed to open, you can only order from tables. That means no mingling at the bar which robs you of those little interactions that you go there for!”

🍻 Glenn’s also a Founding Member of the Super Locals Community - see below!

Discover New Things

We’re living in a world of d̶o̶o̶m̶ Zoom. Why not have a bit of fun with it?

🦸‍♀️ Become anyone on Zoom! xpression camera is a virtual camera app that imprints the movements of your face and head onto anyone you want on Zoom calls. You can also appear on Zoom in a suit while you’re actually wearing pajamas! 😄👌

Newsletter + Community - Why?

Travel, nightlife and bringing people together. Things I care deeply about. Things that have been decimated by covid.

I started a personal newsletter earlier this year after facing some challenges. Sharing personal stories gave me a renewed sense of purpose. And I really enjoyed writing it.

But once I started creating a community, I found I wasn’t writing the newsletter anymore. So I decided combine a newsletter (this newsletter) with the soon-to-launch community:

Super Locals - a community that brings people together for travel, nightlife and to discover new things.

Why am I creating something like this again?

My desire to create this came from years of building similar travel and nightlife communities - with Party with a Local and at Airbnb. Both of which went far, but came to unexpected early ends.

I still have a burning desire to create something successful in this space…3rd time lucky?

The time seems right to try again.

Due to covid, we’re at a time when our need for human connection greatly outweighs the spaces where we can meet. But why not make great connections now, for when we can meet again?

Super Locals is designed to be place to connect with fun and interesting people both locally and internationally - online now, offline later.

Maybe you:

  • Want to make connections, and get insider tips, for your next trip abroad?

  • Are thinking of moving somewhere new (and want to meet people there)?

  • Are feeling more isolated, bored and lonely (after this crazy locked-down year)?

It’s called Super Locals as an ode to Party with a Local’s OG super users.

It will launch in early 2021.

Over the next few weeks I’ll share more about it and invite you to join.

If you really can’t wait - we’re currently testing with a small number of users in private Beta. Reply to this email if you want an early invite!

In the meantime, tell your friends about the newsletter.