🍺 How To Take a Month Off Drinking

Start 2021 Well 😇

🎉 Happy New Year!

2020 is done. 🙏 

It was challenging, stressful and uncertain - it felt like we didn't have control over much of anything. And you could definitely be forgiven for wanting to drink last year!

2021’s here now. Covid is still here too. Those feelings of uncertainty will likely remain.

One small thing you can take control of in 2021 is your (drinking) habits. 🍺 Read how >


Seeing as Nightlife is still shutdown in many parts of the world, I wanted to plug something else I’ve been working on, that you may be interested in: How To Take A Month Off Drinking (eBook)

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New Things
  • Better Living. Apart from a break from drinking, looking for some life tips for 2021? Check out: 100 Tips for a Better Life - a surprisingly good and actionable list:

That’s it for this week, stay well!

And in case you missed it, read again why I’m creating Super Locals.

(Sober) Cheers,